Top 20 Most Visited Ugandan Websites – February 2021

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The Top 20 Most Visited Ugandan Websites, as Ranked by Alexa

Makerere University Leads Uganda’s most visited websites this month.


(e-Way Tech | Kampala) –  Behold, it is time for our monthly review of the most visited websites in Uganda. As usual, websites not owned or operated by Ugandans are excluded.

The ranking for February 2021 presents interesting changes. Traditional dominant ‘leaders’ like Daily Monitor have been beaten by new entrants in the Ugandan internet industry. This shows how dynamic the country’s cyber space is, as trends change, new products emerge, and website users are offered more choices.


How the Website Rankings are Done


Alexa is one the best ways to rank the popularity of a websites in relation to other websites in a country, or in an industry like news, gaming and education.

Alexa rank is a global ranking system (and a subsidiary company of that ranks millions of websites in order of popularity. It’s calculated by looking at the estimated average daily unique visitors and number of page views for a given the site over the past 3 months – it uses web traffic data to list the most popular websites.

The Top 20 Most Visited Ugandan Websites – February 2021 Update


1 – Makerere University (Website:

The Makerere University website has taken the number one spot as the most visited Ugandan website for the month of February 2021. Whether it because of the large number of students resorting to the University website for all kinds of academic updates or because of the freshly updated high quality information on the University college websites (sub-domains like, we cannot tell for now. Infact the university official news portal has become a major source of information to journalists looking for news about the country’s largest and oldest University.


2 – URA (Uganda Revenue Authority Website) –

From tax registration, to payments, to stamp duty, to paying for electronic passport issuance, the revenue body has been continuously moving all services to electronic platforms over the past 15 years. The sheer of both foreign and Ugandan citizens who need URA e-services and use them by the hour means the URA website will continue to dominate Uganda’s top ranks in as far as website visits are concerned. I foresee URA becoming the most visited Ugandan website in the coming months, as more services are moved on the online portal.

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3 –  Jumia Online Store (Website:

Jumia is a force to reckon with in Uganda’s online shopping industry. I could say it is the Amazon of Uganda. Many websites have opened up (kikuu –, kikubo – and lots of others (we’ll review them some time in the near future) but Jumia has weathered the tough economic times in Uganda despite closing shop in other Africa countries. It is no wonder that it has taken up the number three spot in the list of the most visited websites in the country. 

At one point, it held number one spot. At number three, still the website remains a popular destination for most online shoppers in Uganda.


4 – SEK DRIVE (Website:

Sek Drive is a surprising new entrant that has displaced even mighty news websites like the The Daily Monitor and The New Vision. A simple website search at reveals the domain was registered in July 2017, barely 3 years ago, but it is now a major website destination for a lot of Ugandans. The website publishes sports news, music and film playlists, and I bet it appeals to foreign visitors as well.


5 – Daily Monitor (Website:

A familiar website on this list, Daily Monitor news website is owned and operated by Monitor Digital (Monitor Publications), which is in turn owned by Nation Media Group (NMG). There has been a re-branding trend at most NMG websites, for example, is now  with a complete redesign of the website.

A recent trend has been observed at the Ugandan Daily Monitor website ( redirects to Could this have caused the drop in rankings as the most visited website in Uganda to 4th position? Time will tell.


5- (Website:

Yaaka DN is a digital multimedia learning platform where you can access or provide class notes, online classes, connect with students and trainers who share in your interests/ field of study. The website has come up by leaps and bounds to displace old school sites like The New Vision.

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6 – Jiji Online Advertising (Website:

Jiji took over OLX about 3 years ago and kept the online classifieds advertising market alive in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria with their localized platform for each country. The Jiji platform works for very many Ugandans, and its why they keep flocking to the website to answer inquries and to renew or advertise on the platform. 

Jiji is another new entrant that has taken a significant share of web users in Uganda, making it rank at number 6 in February 20201 as the one of the top 20 most visited website in Uganda


7 – URSB (Uganda Registration Services Bureau) –

URSB, just like URA is another government portal that is taking services online at a steady pace. From business name search to paying for name trademarks and brands, it is no surprise this government portal has ranked at position 7 as the most visited website in Uganda for February 2021.


8 – Betway (Website: )

Betway is a regular on the list of the most visited websites in Uganda. It’s position at number 8 is not surprising. Being one of the leading provider of online sports betting entertainment in Uganda, and the with their easy-to-use and simple online and mobile betting platform, as well as sponsorship of Ugandan league teams, Ugandans will continue flocking to the Betway website – a factor which has made it a prominent on the big 20 website list.


9 – (Website:

For a website that has almost all Ugandan songs available for free download, as well as sketchy entertainment and gossip news, “howwebiz” must be commended for being on the list of the top 10 most visited websites in the country.


10 – SBA (Sports Betting Africa) – Website:

Another popular sports betting website in the top 10 list of Uganda’s most visited websites. The COVID pandemic must have made online betting gain more ground in cyberspace.


PS – I always limit my lists to the top 10 websites in any article I write. However, I will make an exception and include the bottom 10 sites in a simple way to allow access to the complete list as the title indicated.


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11 – Stanbic Bank Uganda notable for their convenient online banking


12 – Tulabe Group a website that streams football matches online


13 – 1Xbet – – Another highly visited sports betting website in Uganda. The third on this month’s list. Interesting.


14 – Campus Times Uganda– a website for news and information on and about universities in Uganda.


15 – 2ambale – Online store for shoes, sneakers, boots in Uganda


16 – New Vision –

Biggest News Source for News in Uganda and the East African Region ,Breaking news in Uganda and Daily news and the latest from Uganda. The New Vision website has dropped significantly. It used to be in the top 3 of the most visited websites in the country. At number 16, the drop is staggering. Could be because of the new website redesign the company recently implemented?


17 – Forte Bet – The 4th betting website on the list of most visited websites in Uganda. Ugandans must surely love gambling.


18 – Adventure Vacations – High recommended gorilla trekking website/agency in Uganda. Good to see Gorillas rank among the most visited websites in the country.


19 – Jubilee Web Host – One of the more serious web hosting companies in Uganda.


20 – Mobifliks is an online platform where users can download movies or stream movies online in Luganda, English, Hindi. All movies are compressed to 300MB to save your internet data costs. I should try this.



PS – This list concludes the ranking for the 20 most visited websites in Uganda for the month of February 2021. For the next month, we’ll increase the list to 100.

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