Roke Telkom unveils new repackaged services for its customers

Roger Sekaziga the Chief Executive Officer of Roke Telkom

Kampala, Uganda |  Khisa Isaac |  Roke Telkom has unveiled the new repackaged internet services for its Roke Plus customers. 

The announcement follows the need to not only provide reliable internet but improved bandwidth at affordable prices.

The new Roke Plus packages have been upgraded with bigger internet bundles and increased bandwidth at no extra cost to the customers.

Michael Mukasa, the Chief Commercial Officer at Roke Telkom said they strive to ensure that their customers gets value for money.

The new packages include; 60GB from 40GB with up to 10 Mbps for the Classic plus package, 150GB from 100GB with 10 Mbps for the Unlimited plus package, and 450GB from 300GB for the Mega plus package.

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“Today represents a landmark milestone in Roke Telkom’s effort to meet the ever-growing demands and communications needs of our consumers,” remarked Michelle Baine, Brand Manager Roke Telkom.

According to the latest sector market performance report by Uganda Communications Commission (Q3 2020), there are about 20 million internet subscriptions, representing nearly 50% of the Ugandan population who are connected to broadband. This is the first time that total internet subscriptions have crossed the 20 million mark, suggesting that nearly one in every two Ugandans has internet access.

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She explained that, “We have witnessed a rise in the consumption of internet which is used across devices and platforms ranging from online radio and TV, music and live streaming, to online education and edutainment as well as remote working, an indicator that more and more people need to remain connected to the web.”

“It is therefore vital, that as local internet service providers, we aim towards providing affordable, reliable, and improved internet services to everyone, no matter the given challenges such as infrastructure,” Michelle commented.

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Roke Telkom has been in operation as a locally grown brand for 15 years and has been fully licensed since 2006 by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as a Public Service Provider (capacity Resale, Voice & Data) and Public Infrastructure Provider.

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