Roke Telkom unveils new internet packages for its customers


Roke Telkom, a Ugandan public service provider for voice and data communications services has launched the new repackaged internet services for its Roke Plus customers.

The announcement follows the need to not only provide reliable internet but improved bandwidth at affordable prices.

The new Roke Plus packages have been upgraded with bigger internet bundles and increased bandwidth at no extra cost to the customers.

Michael Mukasa, the Chief Commercial Officer at Roke Telkom said they are pleased to be at the forefront of internet inclusivity for all Ugandans, and although Roke Telkom has offered fully-managed internet, voice over IP and data services for over 15 years in Uganda, these updated packages promise a better consumer experience due to their advanced features and revised data bundles.

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“As part of our delivery process, we ensure to provide innovative and customer-centric products and services to our customers to ensure they get value for money at every touch point,” Mukasa said.

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The new packages include; 60GB from 40GB with up to 10 Mbps for the Classic plus package, 150GB from 100GB with 10 Mbps for the Unlimited plus package, and 450GB from 300GB for the Mega plus package.

According to the latest sector market performance report by Uganda Communications Commission (Q3 2020), there are about 20 million internet subscriptions, representing nearly 50% of the Ugandan population who are connected to broadband.

This is the first time that total internet subscriptions have crossed the 20 million mark, suggesting that nearly one in every two Ugandans has internet access.

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Roke Telkom has been in operation as a locally grown brand for 15 years and has been fully licensed since 2006 by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as a Public Service Provider (capacity Resale, Voice & Data) and Public Infrastructure Provider.


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