Masaka gets URSB office, free internet


Ministers Ephraim Kamuntu and Judith Nabakooba have commissioned a regional URSB office and free internet in Masaka to enable the transformation of Uganda’s economy from an informal subsistence sector to a modern economy.

Speaking at the launch of Masaka regional URSB offices, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister re-emphasized how Masaka sub-region has been pivotal in the development of Uganda since independence.

“Masaka’s coffee alone was contributing over 90% of Uganda’s exports before independence,” Minister Ephraim Kamuntu informed the attendees.

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Prof. Kamuntu revealed that this is one of the reasons that has attracted URSB to open-up a regional office in Masaka to enable formal registration of businesses and other entities.

Minister Kamuntu said Uganda will only attain her vision of transforming the economy from subsistence to a modern economy through the registration of all entities to foster proper planning and policymaking.

He argued that, “There’s no country that can develop with its economy being dominated by people with a subsistence mindset.”

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Lwemiyaga county MP Theodore Sekikubo appealed to all locals more especially those in the business community to effectively utilize this government facility by registering their business.

On the same function,  information and technology minister Judith Nabakooba commissioned the first free internet services Masaka city to enable easy access to the internet by the population.

Earlier today minister Nabakooba visited one of the data internet centres at Masaka central police station.

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Despite heavy government investment in ICT infrastructures, Ugandans are still constrained by the high cost of mobile internet which is also unreliable in most rural areas.

However, the ICT minister Judith Nabakooba said as the number of internet users increases, the cost of mobile internet will also automatically reduce.

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