How to safely trade Bitcoin with Yellow Card Wallet


The new age of selling and buying crypto is here with the Yellow Card mobile and Web Wallet.

While cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are highly volatile, they don’t seem to go away. One Bitcoin is still worth thousands of dollars today. As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continue to exist or even appreciate in value, individuals may become interested in owning some, but it’s important to understand how to safely store Bitcoin.

To accommodate those looking to safely invest in Bitcoin, we have assembled how and why you should store and trade with Yellow Card. The Yellow Card Wallet has very attractive features, including the ease of trading multiple cryptocurrencies with your local currency, as well as added security measures.

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Basically, a cryptocurrency wallet is a device, program or service that helps you store the public and private keys of a cryptocurrency address to authorise transactions and store cryptocurrencies.

With a plethora of crypto wallets in the market today, getting yourself a wallet that you can trust without fear of entering a Ponzi or pyramid scheme is very important. And that’s why getting on board with the Yellow Card platform is very imperative for the safety of your money.

Here’s how to get started with Yellow Card

Download the Yellow Card mobile app: Visit the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS to download the Yellow Card app or visit Yellow Card on the browser of any device.

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Create an account: With just basic information such as your Full Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and Email, you can immediately sign up for an account. If someone invited you to the platform then you can input their referral code. With an account, cryptocurrency wallets are also created for you to privately store your bitcoin.

Fund your account: Deposit money into your wallet in your local currency by sending the amount you would like to deposit to the bank account listed. With Yellow Card, you have a chance to use multiple payment methods to fund your account and start buying and selling bitcoin.

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Now, you can buy and sell bitcoin as well as withdraw your money safely directly from your personal account at any time.

Yellow Card Financial is an American Financial Technology (FinTech) startup focused on
building a new financial infrastructure for the African continent. To pursue its ambitious goals the company raised $1.5 million from the Celo Ecosystem fund, an initiative of the Celo and Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital fund.

Simply join the community and safely trade bitcoin in your local currency at the best rates in the country.

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