Afriregister SA Web Hosting Review

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AFRIREGISTER S.A Web Hosting Review

What the Company Says;

AFRIREGISTER S.A is a limited company incorporated in 2007 in Burundi (East Africa) with the purpose of promoting business and trade within Africa and with other continents using IT applications.

In October 2007, AFRIREGISTER S.A, signed with ICANN(the global and worldwide organisation in charge of Internet Administration) an agreement to operate as an ICANN ACRREDITED REGISTRAR. Web Hosting Review

AFRIREGISTER was the 3rd African registrar to become ICANN Accredited REGISTRAR. It offers registration services for domain names at very competitive terms in most of internet Top Leve Domains extensions: generic TLDS(.com,.net,.org,.info,.biz,.tv,etc) and country code based ccTLDS, particulary african ccTLDS(.bi, .ci,, .ug,, .sd, .rw, .cd,, .td, .bj, .mw, .sl, etc).

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is “an educated, prosperous and healthy Africa at horizon 2030”.

Today, Africa is almost a exclusively consumer of ICT and ICT based goods and services. Our mission is to significantly contribute to the ICT deployment effort in Africa, and set the continent in a sound position of Producer and Exporter of cyber goods and services, leveraging African people’s development and welfare.

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Activities and Services

The main field of Afriregister’s activities is E-commerce and its Headquarters is in Bujumbura, Burundi with operational subsidiaries in some other African countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Tchad, Sudan, RDC,Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Benin.


Our Review of Afriregister Web Hosting Company

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